FEb 15 - Artists Association of Nantucket

Sweetness of the Season - Saturday 10am to 4pm

Join me for this immersive workshop to paint a still life of cakes and sweets, flowers and china. We will focus on working loosely, wet on wet, with a vibrant palette a la Wayne Thiebaud. Beginners welcome, supplies included. 

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FEB 27 & 28 - South County Artist Association

Finish That Painting - Weds & Thurs 10am -2pm

This workshop gives painters the opportunity to finish the painting  under the guidance of an instructor. Demo's will include how to convey  space, form and light through viscosity, glazing transparent pigments,  and scumbling opaque pigments. Students will also be encouraged to  develop a discerning eye to identify what they like about their work in  order to fix what they do not like about their work. If you have a  painting you would like to develop and learn new techniques on or would  like to use to experiment on, this class is for you. You are welcomed to  bring any painting in any style and subject from a previous class or  begun in your home studio. You will learn to set an intention, keep your  focus, and with a lot of personal instruction and some positive group  feedback, you will bring your painting practice to a new level. Dry  paintings are preferable.

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Active Still Life - Tues, Weds, Thurs 1 - 4pm

Still life paintings can be full of movement when we use line to  infuse our compositions with gesture, and study the fall of light. We  will paint a still life of flowers, fruit, and fabric as we explore the  motion that organic growth creates and utilize folded fabric to move the  eye throughout our canvas. 

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March 19, 20, 21 - NEWport Art Museum

Finish That Painting - Tues, Weds, Thurs 1 - 4pm

This workshop gives painters the opportunity to finish a painting  started in a previous class with any instructor (or begun in his/her own  studio) under the guidance of an instructor. Demonstrations will  include how to convey space, form and light through techniques including  working wet on dry, wet on wet, glazing with transparent pigments, and  skumbling with opaque pigments. Students will be encouraged to develop a  discerning eye to assess one’s own style, message, and meaning. Congdon  will help students find inspiring historical and contemporary artists  to look at in order to motivate and develop their art. All subjects  welcome – landscape, still life, portrait, interior, fantasy, and  abstract.

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